Flash Mob Flashes Skydome (aka Rogers Centre)

While I waited outside of the Skydome (aka Rogers Centre) yesterday to watch the Blue Jays face the division rival New York Yankees, I threw my hands up in the air (as I’m known to do sometimes) and I said, “A. O. Gotta let go,” and then I stated, with no shortage of gusto, “I wanna celebrate and live my life,” and then added, “A.O. Baby, let’s go.” A beat seemed to rise from the streets, a mic was thrust into my hands, a crowd surrounded me, and I sang dammit, oh and we danced, oh yes. It was a moment only Ferris Bueller (or maybe Parker Lewis) could have pulled off. That’s how I remember it anyway.

The story you might hear from others (all hogwash), was that a man in low cut red shorts, white tank top, yellow headband and a beautiful fake mustache with a brief speech, grabbed the attention of the crowd. Behind him, from a white van parked next to the curb, music began to play. The song was Taio Cruz’s Dynamite. A choreographed dance ensued. Choose which version you want to believe.

These Flash Mobs are a truly a great idea and a lot of fun to randomly witness. I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying a group of people dancing in a public setting with no other reason than to entertain and surprise others. So if anyone from that Flash Mob reads this, thanks a lot. You rock. Also, I’d also like you to pay attention at 1:21 of this video, because you can see the greatest jacket on the planet belonging to the gentleman in the black cap in the foreground.

In case you’re curious, here’s how the ballgame played out: Yankees, fired up from the pregame dance party take a 1st inning 1-0 lead. In the 3rd inning, Blue Jay, Jose Bautista spanks league leading 39th homerun, back-flips around the bases, Jays lead 2-1. Jays’ pitcher Morrow fans 12 over 6 innings and the game is tied 2-2 when he decides he might as well go for a soda, so of course he leaves immediately. Later on, a Yankees pitcher, obviously upset Bautista can hit a ball really really really far, decides to try and take off Jose’s head with a fastball. Tempers flare, words and recipes are exchanged, benches and bullpens clear (as seen below), and at this point I expect a white van to pull up on the field, Dynamite to start playing, and the two teams to start dancing, but unfortunately, it was not to be.

On field Flash Mob?

In the 8th inning, a choreographed dance deprived Bautista, gets another at bat and kabooms another homerun into left field giving the Jays a 3-2 lead and eventually, a victory on a beautiful, dance filled night.

Bautista hits second homerun of the game, and league leading 40th this season.

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