Achtung Baby! Corrupt Camel is off to Berlin

After 3 long years, Corrupt Camel has had enough of the 9-5 bullshit and is backpacking Europe again. When I’m not passed out from drinking too much delicious beer, I’ll try to do an update or 2 now and then, and I’ll throw in some Euro-flare. In the meantime, treat each other kindly and don’t be a …

This is the sole reason I'm returning to Berlin.

  • Tin Man

    have an amazing time!! and remember… the nose always knows!

  • JohnOO

    If you are in Berlin, check out the White Trash Bar, it is an amazing place!

  • Dude, thanks for the advice! I will definitely make a point of checking it out.

  • Thanks my friend. Remember, don’t poop in public, so they say.

  • Awesome. Have a blast. Bring the blogging world back something nice.
    Maybe a snow globe we can all gather around and look at.

  • color me jealous

    have fun!

    maybe go to prison and learn to sew? only in germany:

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