6 Not So Obvious Reasons Toronto Beerfest is Amazing

Now, you shouldn’t need six reasons to go to Toronto’s Beer Festival when it’s a festival dedicated to drinking beer. Beerfest hosts 100s, if not millions of international and local breweries who want to get you drunk off your ass and have their way with you. On top of that, there are plenty of great food vendors and music acts, but those are the obvious reasons. Here are 6 more not so obvious reasons you shouldn’t miss Toronto’s Annual Beer Festival.

REASON #1: HOT GIRLS DANCING ON A TRUCK: Who doesn't like hot girls dancing on trucks, really? Sure, their bottoms look like they're from 1950, but hey, most of my underwear is from the 1930s, so it's cool. Vintage underwear is in.
REASON #2: SATAN'S SAUSAGE. At one point in your life you've pondered the idea of wrapping your mouth around Satan's Sausage and you probably thought it would run you more than $5! What a steal.
REASON #3: PEOPLE DRESSED RIDICULOUSLY. How odd is it that these guys are wearing the same thing you wore to work today? Crazy, I know. Beerfest is full of people dressed in hilarious outfits. It's cosplay for alcoholics.
REASON #4. SANTA AND A DONKEY DRINKING BEER. Tell me it hasn't crossed your mind that there would be nothing cooler than drinking beer with Santa Claus and a dude in a donkey costume. You can't. Another check mark on the bucket list.
REASON #5: TORONTO IS KIND OF PRETTY SOMETIMES. Not unlike your Mom, after plenty of beers, Toronto isn't too bad looking.

REASON #6: THIS GUY IS AWESOME! (Ignore my awful camera work, please. I had a couple-few beers).

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