Joey Cape, Tony Sly and Labatt 50s

The thought of attending an acoustic show did not wow or excite me, but it sounded like a decent, relaxing night out in Toronto. On top of that, I was more than curious to return to my old favorite venue, the El Mocambo, where I’d attended two of my all time favorite shows: Millencolin and The Suicide Machines over 10 years ago. Whether it was the many many rum and cokes and Labatt 50s, the intimate and nostalgic atmosphere of the El Mocambo, the company of good friends, or the great music I couldn’t tell you, but it made for one hell of a good night and a pretty mean hangover the next morning.

Joey Cape

Joey Cape (singer of Lagwagon) and Tony Sly (singer of No Use for a Name) strummed their way through acoustic versions of their respective band’s hits, threw in some witty banter in between songs (mostly Cape, he’s a funny guy), and did a couple originals. Slurring my way through each song, cursing myself for leaving my camera at home, and yelling out song requests made for one great night out with the boys. If you’re familiar with Lagwagon or No Use for a Name, see Joey Cape and Tony Sly when they come to your town. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for a great birthday gift Z…As you can see, I stole your pictures, just like I said I would while stumbling to the subway station.

Tony Sly

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