If you like Ferris Bueller & Fight Club, This Will Be the Best Thing You See Today

This will be the best thing you see today unless, that is, you’re lucky enough to see me bending over to pick something up, and your view is from the rear, because then, and only then will you see something better than this video today. Seriously though, if you don’t like Ferris Bueller OR Fight Club I’m not sure I know you or want to know you. If you haven’t seen one or the other, see them. They’re classic. Especially Fight Club. I think it’s my favorite movie. Mind blowing. I’d argue it’s better than the novel, and I love Chuck Palahniuk. Director of Fight Club, David Fincher is the shit. I saw the link to this video on the Chuck Palahniuk Facebook page and it made my day times one billion. So I hope this can turn your crappy day around, or make your good day better, because this, my friends, is a bee-oot.

If you’re digging this and want to read more, you can see the article that inspired it here.

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