i-Dosing – Real or Stupid Teenage Fad?

Look out Björk! There’s audio out there that might be more mentally disturbing than your last album. A colleague of mine (thanks Arjun) just introduced me to a new drug craze sweeping high schools in the US. What are these Twilight watching, Miley Cyrus listening kids up to now, you ask? Well, this drug isn’t smoked, snorted, or injected. It’s digital and it’s called i-Dosing. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s basically drugs in audio form. The idea is, you listen to specific i-Dosing tracks with headphones, while lying down, calm, and not moving and eventually it will cause some effects in the user (listener) similar to those experienced under the influence of marijuana, cocaine, opium, etc. You use your iPod to listen to these tracks, thus it’s named i-Dosing. While I’m yet to actually try i-Dosing, and like most people am skeptical, I will reserve most of my criticism towards it and teenage culture until I can verify the idiocy of this new fad. Who knows, it could work and I might find myself wearing a bib and sitting down to a plate of my own words.

Obviously, parents are a little worried right now that i-Dosing may be a gateway into some more serious drugs, but I’m a little more concerned that listening to Justin Bieber is a gateway into more serious drugs. It’s Devil’s music I tell ya. Devil’s music.

Kids and teenagers are quite malleable and I remember when I was in Elementary school seeing kids getting high on crushed Rockets because they thought it was cocaine. Tell a kid something will get them high and they’re bound to try and believe it. Again, I’m not saying this is the case with i-Dosing, but merely suggesting it. As you may or may not know, the world is full of stupid people.

So where can you get these tracks and what do they sound like? Well, there is one circulating on YouTube right now, which I’ll include below (make sure to use headphones. It sounds completely different if you don’t use them). The video page also includes a link to a full version of the track if you need some plans for the weekend and your wallet is a little thin on funds. I’ve also embedded a clip of a kid getting i-Dosing.

I’m sure drug dealers everywhere are crossing their fingers waiting for this fad to die out. Looks like there’s more than just TV, videogames and death metal music warping the minds of children these days. What a strange world we live in.

If you’ve tried i-Dosing, please let me know what your experience was like.

A kid i-Dosing to Gates of Hades track

  • That kid didn't look like he was getting high, he looked like he was getting off.
    Frankly I'm for i-Dosing. About time the drug culture of science fiction came on the scene. I can't wait for the first accident in a flying car cause the person was high on tones.

    • don't worry, according to Back to the Future 2, the flying car should be quite prevalent in the year 2015.

  • Taloninoregon

    I listened to the gates of hadies when everyone and I MEAN everyone was saying it could cause seizers and insanity…. I was half drunk when I listened to it but the effects were still there…. my body was going in and out of tight uncontrollable spasms convulsions etc….. the guys thought i was having a seizure. You HAVE to let your mind go when listening don’t think of anything not even the pain some of them give you….. the marijuana one gave me the munchies a little bit but i didnt listen to the whole thing. And there is a reason why it is 30 minutes long….. the gates one i mean…. the whole process is a build up to forget, and focus, focus on what your listening to that should be the only thing you are stressing over, dont cross your legs dont be in a noisy place unless you earphones can handle the surrounding background noise…. any who I am a strong believer in this….. not so much that it gets you high bt that it can alter the moods and control the body if you will…. literally too, dont fight it or you defeat the purpose. I still have 140 + different “doses” to listen to and try this is going to be nuts!!!

    • Thanks for the in depth analysis. Super cool. Would you say it’s somewhat like hypnosis in the way that some people are more susceptible to its effects than others? I’m not sure everyone would be able to “let go” in the way you described.

      Again, thanks for the input.

    • Sounds like your mind is easily manipulated…SEND ME MONEY SEND ME MONEY SEND ME MONEY

  • This was/is a real thing? This is impressively stupid.

    And I agree with Hendrik.

    • It is and yes, it is impressively stupid in an impressive sort of way.

  • Your comment to TaloninOregon was so courteous and professional, your second comment didn’t disappoint either 😛

    So, Is anyone else tired of all the weirdness? Or is it just us moms with kids approaching their teens?

    Please tell me you made that up about the whole 2015 flying car thing. This whole post has made me feel ancient.

    • I didn’t make up the flying car thing, Back to the Future 2 did. Watch that movie and see just how far off they were as to what the year 2015 would have in store for us. Waaaaaaaaaaaay off. Still, awesome movie.

  • Jessica

    There was actually just an episode of, “1000 ways to die” on that featured a track that actually killed a guy…

    • Michael F

      It wasn’t the audio that killed the guy. It was the fact that he got his hands on a military grade sonic weapon which he used without knowing what the hell he was doing.

  • Michael F

    I just played with this a little bit and here is my analysis.

    First of all, let’s just get right to it – this does not affect your brain in the way that they claim. Think about it, if some stupid website knew how to affect someone’s mood in a purposeful and specific way, that would be a HUGE breakthrough in neural science. There would be Universities studying this in labs and publishing papers on how they’ve unlocked some of the mysteries of the brain! If we actually figured out how to play sounds that make people feel horny/drunk/tired/high/etc. and could individually CHOOSE which effect we wanted to impart – well it would be a military weapon by now. We would use it to interrogate prisoners, etc. Since none of that is happening, it’s safe to call BULLSHIT.

    I listened to this and I can see how these tones, over top of white or pink noise could help you to zone out… it could be used to help in meditation, perhaps… but that’s about it. If kids are getting high it’s because they expect to get high… placebo -nothing more.

    • Well said. I believe it’s the power of suggestion at work. That, and low IQ.

  • Jim

    I believe (and yes i have i-dosed) that the only way it works is because the human body’s balance is in your ear. Theses tracks make the liquid shake, making one feel dizzy. That is i-dosing in a nutshell.

  • stella

    Is there really an audio form of drugs? I really am amazed if there is because it is the first time that I knew about it. If it is so then youth programs should also update in this kind of audio drug addiction.

    • I haven’t heard much about i-Dosing lately. Hopefully it was just a fad and kids are getting back into the real hard drugs instead of this audio stuff.

      Ha, just kidding, don’t do drugs kids.

  • Brownbob

    Jim, you’re a moron…

    And so is anybody else, including this dumbass Fox 8 in Cleveland that just ran a special on it…

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