Why Tuesday is Better Than You Think

Tuesday isn’t many people’s favorite day of the week. I’d say most people are neutral when it comes to Tuesday, but there are a few benefits to Tuesday that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Toonie (or $2 outside of Canada) Tuesdays – Many establishments (KFC comes to mind) have $2 meal promotions on Tuesday, making lunch or dinner time all that more special. Tuesdays allow you to clog your arteries for even cheaper!

Cheap wings – Almost every bar has a wing special on Tuesday, making mid-week drinking all that much more attractive. Developing an alcohol problem has never been so delicious.

Half-Price Movies – I almost never go out to movies, but in the days of yore, also known as high school, Tuesday was cheap movie night. Sure, the place was rammed with noisy, rude teenagers, but I was a noisy, rude teenager so it was A-OK.  Does this deal still exist?

New Music! – Most new albums are released on Tuesdays. Waiting for that new Ace of Bass album? It’s coming to a Tuesday near you.

Well, those 4 things may not be deal breakers in whether you like Tuesdays or not, but next time you’re enjoying a cheap lunch, or delicious chicken wings at half-price (or less), while listening to the brand new Depeche Mode album, remember that this Tuesday thing everyone is on the fence about, it’s not that bad.

What is your most or least favorite thing about Tuesdays? I added a new comments thingy, so regardless of how uninteresting this post was, I beg you to leave a comment, even if it’s only to tell me how much I suck.

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