Did Philip DeFranco (aka sXePhil) Steal my Joke?

For those of you who don’t know, Phil DeFranco, or sXePhil, is a famous YouTuber who often garners more than a million views per video he uploads. He’s responsible for 3 different successful YouTube channels and his full-time career is, yup you guessed it, a YouTuber. I have been watching Phil DeFranco’s vlog for over 6 months, and I consider him a pretty funny guy, so when he Tweeted a link to a new post on his website, I replied to it both via Twitter and directly on his website. To be clear, this was a website post, not a video post. The video post was yet to come.

Phil’s website post shows a t-shirt with a racist remark, which Phil isn’t denying is racist, but is using more as a platform for the joke seen below.

"Now I don’t want to be rash but this is fucking ridiculous. Who the fuck does that? Seriously? Comic Sans? So unprofessional." - Phil DeFranco

In response I replied on his website under the handle: C. Camel (below)…

and via Twitter (below) in hopes that he would read at least 1 of the 2 messages (sad, I know).

Please note the excellent conversation in this screenshot about testicles sticking to the inside of legs. Classy? Yes, I am.

The funny part is, I reposted a link I had pilfered from his site later that very day before knowing he had used my joke, but the difference being that I gave him full credit and included link to both his website and his vlog! (you can see that post here). I’d like to clarify that I know this isn’t the best joke on the planet, and that someone, somewhere in the world might have made it before. Anyhow, later that night, and well after I’d posted the joke on both his website and Tweeted it to him, sXePhil posted his video (his Facebook announcement of the video pictured below) and reused his aforementioned Comic Sans joke he made on his website, plus 40 seconds in, he added a new joke that sounded very familiar and very much like the joke I had posted to him twice (video below).

While using other people’s links, pictures and ideas isn’t necessarily anything new on the internet, it makes sense to, at least, mention where you got the joke from, or do a shout out, especially if you’re a public figure on the internet. Thinking this was an oversight by Mr. DeFranco, I sent him an email letting him know what had occurred, and that it would be cool if he gave me a shout out. Today I received a response from Phil saying that he thinks this joke is from an old Mad TV or In Living Color episode and it fit the context. Maybe that’s true and maybe that’s a reply you can give anytime someone accuses you of stealing a joke, but it’s a bizarre coincidence that he’d use this old obscure joke hours after I had Tweeted it to him and mentioned it to him on his website. I’m sure Phil used it not really knowing why the joke was fresh in his mind, but it would have been nice to hear, “You know, maybe I did get that joke from you. Sorry about that. ”

So did Phil DeFranco steal my joke? Not knowingly I don’t think, but maybe. Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? I don’t think so, or else I’d be calling Phil a asshole and a thief, and I don’t think he’s either of those things. In fact, I’ll be watching his vlogs later today for a laugh or two. I just thought this was a story worth mentioning and so that’s what I’m doing.

Anyway, my name is Corrupt Camel, and you’ve just been .. Corrupted? Doesn’t work quite as well as it would if my name was Phil.

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