Corrupt Camel Discusses the iPad 3G

On April 30th, 2010, the new iPad 3G was released to lines of rabid Apple fans. Me? I was too busy pacing a trail into my hallway carpet thinking about how I’m nearly out of  that smooth delicious, chocolaty Nutella.

While many features of the iPad particularly excite me, I can’t quite focus on any of the delectable touch screen treats knowing that sometime this week I will be out of tasty chocolate spread for my toast and English muffins. Will I have to resort to cereal?

Many Apple fans have already decided to wait for the second generation of iPads before opening their wallets, praying for a built-in camera and internet Flash capabilities, but I’m simply wondering if I’ll have to resort to peanut butter and jelly for breakfast sometime this week.

In related news, the Apple app store has been busy with the release of HD quality games that take advantage of the large iPad screen, but is this really something I can be researching when my knife is scraping the bottom of the Nutella jar every morning? Ok, I think I’ve gone as far or farther than I could go with this.

Please send any Nutella Donations or some well wishes to the Corrupt Camel Needs Some Goddamn Chocolate on His Bread Foundation.

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