Today’s Stolen Link: Super Mario Crossover

Yes, this is real.

Two posts in one day? I know, it’s madness. I’m introducing a new feature on Corrupt Camel. It’s called “Today’s Stolen Link”. Basically, I steal a link (from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and post it here. If I steal a link from you, I’m more than happy to promote anything it is that you want promoted. So let me know.

Today’s victim is Christie. I stole this link she posted on Facebook. It’s a flash version of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES, except you can use Megaman, Samus, Link, Simon Belmont or Bill R. from Contra. Each character comes with their own unique weapons, and moves just as they did in their realm. This is like a modern day game genie. For you purists, you can also use Mario.

To be transported to the website that makes this videogame dream come true, click here.

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