It’s Friday… Dance Mutha ‘Ucka!

Today, at some point or moment you deem fit, I’d like you to dance. Don’t dance like someone is watching you, like you might do at a club or at a wedding, aware of the eyes judging your every step, but dance like you would when you’re alone, or drunk,  or when you were 5 years old, or maybe if you had some sort of mental retardation.

Be sure to have hands flailing, legs kicking, and hips sending sonic booms outwards in concentric rings. Ripples of your awesomeness bouncing off walls, through the streets and empowering each and every person lucky enough to get punched in the face by them. Yes, dance like you just won the lottery, scored the OT winner, or found out you’re not the father on The Maury Povich Show.

Soak it up folks, it’s Friday. Nothing stops you from achieving awesomeness today. Nothing. Today you’re everything you’ve ever wanted to be. Your full potential flowing through your veins and out your fists in a bright blue fireball that resembles the legendary Hadoken.  It is Friday people. Dance as I say and happiness will be yours. Simple and wonderful like mash potatoes and gravy. Soak up the gravy my friends, soak up the gravy that is Friday.

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