Corrupt Camel Goes to the TFC Home Opener

So I attended the TFC home opener this year. For those who don’t know, TFC stands for Toronto Football Club, which is Toronto’s Major League Soccer (MLS) team. I’ve been to quite a few games, but never a home opener. I must say, I learned a few things about my fellow Torontonians.

Torontonians Love Soccer
Torontonians Love Beer

The love of soccer and beer are understandable, but there is one thing I didn’t understand…

Why are Torontonians protesting against Austin Powers and his mojo? I'm so confused.

  • Awesome. I assume by the drawing that the cup itself is drunk on the beer it holds. Does that mean that when it’s empty it sobers up? That would be harsh, it sobers up to the reality that it’s being thrown away. The one time a cup could use a drink…

    • @TS Hendrik – Well, the cup sobers up after a long night of bad dancing, drunk texting, and waking up next to the really drunk ugly cup from the local pub.

  • Man…where’d ya learn how to draw hearts like that? Nice.

    • @Anna – I took a 6-month long intensive course on the drawing of hearts. Brutally hard, but the results were well worth it.

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