Ovechkin Continues to Play the Role of the Villain

Anyone claiming Ovechkin's hit on Campbell wasn't from behind: you're wrong.

In mid-December I asked the question, is Ovechkin a hero or a villain? I didn’t know the answer yet, but what I did know was I wasn’t happy about his dirty play (see article here). Ovechkin, once loved by hockey fans everywhere, has now taken his reputation and mopped up a very messy toilet with it. Remember the toilet after Mexican night that one time?

When Ovi entered the league his superstar talent and high octane style made him a hero, but it’s becoming clearer that Ovechkin is a villain. He’s no better than Skeletor and at best, is on par with Megatron and Gargamel. I will not question his talent. He is one of the best players the NHL has ever seen, but he’s becoming less likable every day. I’m starting to think Rosie O’Donnell has more redeemable qualities. Don’t worry Ovi, I still like you better than Hitler.

Below, I provide two more examples of his douchebaggery.

After team Russia was thumped out of the Vancouver Olympics by Team Canada, this is how Ovechkin greeted his fans.

On March 14th, Ovechkin was kicked out for the game for this vicious hit from behind on Chicago Defenseman, Brian Campbell.

One might call Ovi, the Perfect Criminal (Ovi appears in this Russian music video at 3:50).

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