Why Men Don’t Watch Figure Skating

I’m not trying to start some sort of machismo debate, but when costume selection becomes a large part of competition, most men start losing interest. I do believe figure skating is a valid sport and that the athletes are very talented, but I wish the sport was more about the technical aspects than the outfits and dance elements. I propose they do away with the sparkly outfits and replace them with streamlined outfits like those worn by bobsledders or speed skaters. This is an Olympic event, not a fashion show.

Imagine introducing a man to figure skating for the first time in his life, during the 2010 Olympics.

HER: “Come on, honey, give it a chance. The athleticism is incredible. They can spin around multiple times in mid-air.  I think you’ll like it!”

HIM: “Well okay, but there better be a BJ involved if I don’t like it.”

HER: “I sat and watched Nascar with you last weekend. Cars, driving around in circles for hours on end. Then we watched WWE wrestling.  I think you owe me.”

HIM: “That’s true. Nascar and WWE wrestling are fairly ridiculous. Okay, okay. I’ll give figure skating a chance.”

When you turn on the TV he sees this:

Most horror movies aren’t this terrifying. There should have been a warning to small children and those with coulrophobia (an exaggerated fear of clowns).

What are your thoughts on figure skating? Do you like it? Hate it? Do you think replacing the outfits with a more standard outfit might make this sport more man-friendly or is this destined to always be a primarily female viewed event?

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