Megan Fox Proves Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct

There’s no denying Megan Fox is a fine looking woman, but there are some things you just can’t ignore. Megan Fox’s thumb is one of them. Before you scroll down, set a barf bucket up nearby. If you’re a man or a woman who loves women, and you haven’t seen this, I apologize in advance.


Megan’s vomit inducing clubbed thumb is caused by a rare hereditary condition called brachydactyly, which sounds like some sort of awesome dinosaur (brachiosaurus mixed with a pterodactyl?), but, in fact, is actually the reason her last 10 boyfriends now have an aversion to hand-jobs.

There are rumors she used a thumb double in the Motorola ad that features the hot dog thumbed actress in a bath tub with her Motorola phone (you can see the ad here).  Of course they used a thumb double! Do you think any company wants to be associated with Megan Fox’s toe thumb?

Seeing her thumb reminds me of the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dated the woman with man hands. As much as Jerry wanted to ignore the big powerful, lobster crushing hands, he couldn’t (if you’ve never heard of or seen man hands, do yourself a favor and click here).

This leads us to Corrupt Camel’s first poll (if you’re concerned, all results are anonymous):

If you were dating Megan Fox, could you get past her clubbed thumb?

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  • lollllll

    she should call that thumb “boner-b-gone”

    • yes, and give the thumb its own credit in any movie she’s in.

  • Truly disturbing imagery. I pine away for my lost innocence.
    Though actually I’ve never cared for her. She looks like she would be sticky.

    • Sure, she’s a walking glue stick.

  • Jake

    What is the world coming to? Its just a thumb!!

    • I think if Ms. Fox were to attempt to seduce any of the naysayers, she’d succeed very easily.

  • Hahaha! They need to photoshop that shit!

    • It’s not good for business.

  • Dude, stop with the Megan Fox hate! 😛

    • I only hate on her thumb. Everything else about her is fine with me.

  • Kal

    She may be pretty but those TOE THUMBS (when you second toe is used to replace a lost thumb – they really DO that) are a turn-off and a dealbreaker. This is why photoshop was invented in the first place.

    Also – where do I find that nice visitor to the right? I would love to know when people are visiting and where they are from.

    • Are you talking about Feedjit? Google it. It’s kind of neat.

    • ewwwwwwww

      kill yourself please lmao.


    who is megan fox

  • Persevere Daily

    Wow people are shallow.

  • Ari

    What the actual fuck? You’re looking at a gorgeous woman who has been over sexualized enough and talking about how her THUMB is a turn off? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU EXPECTING FROM WOMAN? That’s right, your expecting the perfection that media tries to say exists. It doesn’t. People have flaws and most are minor. If you can’t look past the a gorgeous woman’s thumb being an odd shape then you don’t deserve to get laid, ever. Grow up, meet some real woman, and stop being a judgmental asshole.

  • Kay

    Anyone who thinks her thumb is gross is just jealous that you don’t have a special  thumb. I myself have two thumbs like that only shorter. And they are not toe thumbs they look nothing like toes

  • Anna

    You r so mean shut up

    • People would take you more seriously if you used proper punctuation and spelling in your comments. Don’t worry, I’ll take you seriously regardless. Hey, you’re right, I am kinda mean. Have a good one!

  • TheyCallMeDrJ

    I just wasted time reading and commenting on this stupid post! You’re a fucking idiot! Probably compensating for something. To each his own I guess, still an extremely stupid and shallow post.

  • Jay

    Hey i have clubbed thumbs and people think im like the next superman. don’t call megan fox out for it, she can’t help it and neither can I.

    Have some respect for the people with the wee thumbs

  • Jordan Baumer

    Well I officially feel insulted. I got a thumb just like Megan’s. I have had every thing imaginable said about my thumbs, but seriously? Get over yourself.

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