Bagel = BAY-gle or BAA-gle?

I say to-may-to,  you say to-mah-to. I say po-tay-to, you say po-tat-o…And, hey, that’s okay with me. However, I say bay-gle, and if you say baa-gle, mark my words, I will not call the whole thing off. I’m not that forgiving. I don’t like baaglers. I also don’t like shed-ulers (for schedule) and q-ponners (for coupon) . Starting today, I’m cracking down by cracking the heads of baa-glers.

Anyway, I was going to write some more on this subject, but I need to grab a cold refreshing glass of malk.

Are you a baa-gler or a bay-gler? Any other pronunciations that drive you nuts? Do some countries/cities/regions say one over the other?

  • Beeejeweled!

    LIE-chee or LEE-chee?

  • pubgirl29

    That’s easy.
    Megan==May-gen or Meg-an
    Meg-aners! hit the dirt!

  • @Beejeweled – I think I say LIE-chee, but it’s not a word I use very often, so if I’m wrong don’t kill me.

    @pubgirl29 – Meg-aners will be put to death. New law starting …. NOW!

  • My brother in law pronounces ‘vague’ as ‘vag’
    Drives me up the wall.

  • pubgirl29

    Maybe he thinks he’s French

    take a look at great,strange group

  • @TS Hendrik – Man…Vag? Really? That’s driving me nuts just thinking about it.

  • TG

    I have heard people saying “supposably” a LOT lately….driving me nuts!

  • shabrone

    Lots of people say BEG-GLE instead of bay=gle! Where do you stand on the begglers?

    • I don’t like them either. They can rot in beggler hell!!! Too harsh?

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