Drank Too Much,Yet Woke Up Hangover Free? Here’s Why.

Ever wake up after a night of drinking more shots than a group of sailors on shore leave and say, “Holy shit, I feel mutha fukkin good today!”?

So have I. Here are some of the reasons why this might happen.

Reason #1
The unlikely reason, but the first most people assume, is by some amazing miracle, you were the best drinker ever and managed to survive a rough night hangover free. Wishful thinking my friend.

Reason #2
You drank a lot, but either fell asleep early or slept for 12 or more hours. Sleep is the best hangover killer. If you fall asleep before midnight, you increase your chances to be hangover free by quite a bit.  If you can sleep for 12 or more hours you’ll find yourself feeling exponentially better than when you woke up at 6am to take a 4 minute piss.

Reason #3
You are a liar.

Some people love to insist they never get hangovers. There’s a 99.999% chance they’re full of shit and are probably trying to impress their friends by showing them what an amazing drinker they are. Sure, some people don’t puke (they black out) and others get less hungover or have the ability to get hungover less often, but to say you never, under any circumstances, get hangovers is bullshit.


Some people don’t like to admit they got drunk. They’re the friend that always says, “I’m not drunk, just a little tipsy.” Because they don’t like to admit they’re drunk, they’ll certainly never admit being hungover.

Reason #4
You don’t know what being hungover means. Being hungover does not necessarily mean you spend the day in bed barfing into a bucket or setting up shop beside the john, it could simply be a mild headache, or all over fatigue. If you feel less than %100 as a result of drinking, you’re hungover. Some hangovers are mild, and some are extreme. Not all hangovers are created equal.

Reason #5
You’ve been hungover so many consecutive days you don’t even know what not being hungover feels like anymore. Get some help, I think you’re an alcoholic.

Reason #6
The delayed hangover. Let me explain. When you wake up after drinking so much and you feel A-OK, it’s most likely because you’re still drunk. You might not feel drunk, but you are. And because you’re still drunk you’re numbed from the pain alcohol loves to inflict on your body to punish you for having a good time. However, when the effects of the alcohol fades (the time is dependent on how much you drank and how long ago you had your last drink), the hangover commences. Thus, the delayed hangover. Ever wonder why you spend your Sundays watching movies on the Superstation (TBS, Peachtree TV, that station that plays Atlanta Braves baseball)? It’s because in the end, you were a little hungover.

When you wake up, there is no real way to know if you are just lucky or if the delayed hangover is on its way, but you can take some precautionary measures. Drink water, nap, eat some food, or if you dare, you can start drinking again.

You probably shouldn’t drive though.

Did I miss anything?

  • I never get hangovers…it is a family trait…genetics Rule!

    • Hehe, nice. Apparently I don’t have enough Irish in my background. My grandad would be ashamed.

  • windsor

    You missed ONE thing.

    Take a shit.

    Believe me, it helps. There not just alcohol in your piss, its in your butt also, so poop that out. Not to mention the “toxins” you’d be ridding yourself of, alcohol related or not.


  • I’m not sure how voluntary pooping is. I did say to eat something which will eventually lead to pooping. If you can sit down at anytime of the day and make something happen, all the power to you. I need to wait till it’s “go time” before I can drop a turd.

  • windsor

    Haha, good point. Once I started drinking coffee I was able to bypass that problem.
    Like a magic bullet; drink some coffee, shit 8 minutes later.
    Give it a try

  • Yes, coffee is magical. I learned that the hard way when I was doing outdoor work. We had to make an emergency poop trip. Awful feeling having to poop with nowhere to do it.

  • Tim Poirier

    I can drink and get passout. sleep for 4-6 hours and feel fine all damn day long. I think your scientific research needs to improve

    • Avery Bentley Sollmann

      You’re a sample size of one. I think your statistics need to improve.

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