Turd Thursday

Not really enthusiastic enough today to write any lists, rants, or anything remotely interesting. Usually I’m a little bit more upbeat on Turd Thursday, but It’s one of those weeks where it feels like I haven’t left work. I need something to turn today around, I’m not giving up on it yet. Maybe I’ll see a hobo eating a squirrel…No that’s more disgusting than uplifting. Odd that came to mind first.

My lack of enthusiasm, I’ve deduced, is coming from a couple of sources: I’ve inadvertently gone without eating meat for a couple of days, and I think I’m on way to sicktown. So I’m thinking a steak and a shot of cough syrup for lunch should do the trick. I hope that’s it. I can’t really think of anything else. Maybe I’m just waiting for something outstanding to happen, when really I should be trying to MAKE something outstanding happen.

I will make a hobo eat a squirrel! Anyone have any better ideas to make Turd Thursday incredibly awesome?

Happy Turd Thursday folks.

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