Reducing Stress and Anxiety


  • Miss Renee P

    Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mu-ah! big screen TVs, bread makers, and high speed internet access Never had them going up…. But I have them now!!!!

  • this song reminds me of your recent post:

  • RockinRuhul

    are you indirectly speaking to me? lol..

    You are full of widsom my dear friend…you have opened my eyes, again!

  • agreed – I don’t know if you watch the Daily Show but he was ripping into a segment Glenn Beck (Fox News right wing pundit/gold stock endorser) did on how America is currently going to hell, and how much worse things are today than they were say, 30 years ago – and then proceeded to play a Coke commercial in which big Joe Green throws a kid his jersey after the kid gives him a bottle of Coke. His point was to illustrate how it was a simpler, gentler, better time back then… completely ignoring the ugly truth of how bad things were, esp in the US. Which is funny, considering the standard of living (in North America anyway) is better than it has been in a long time, even though there is a growing gap between the rich and the poor.

    In conclusion, I agree.

  • @Miss Renee P – No matter what we have, we always want more. It’s the American Paradox…isn’t it?

    @Czech_Boy – Those lyrics do seem fitting, but please don’t make me listen to that again.

    @RockinRuhul – I wish! Complete coincidence. I actually wrote this 5 or 6 years ago and retouched it a bit. Odd that I posted it on the day you said you lost some sleep over the possible, yet unlikely, complication of a chiropractic neck adjustment.

    @Keirbot – The thing is, back then they probably had the exact same complaint about how things were better back then. It’s not back then, it’s now. Let’s deal with it.

    Why can’t we just forget our problems and go for a soda? I think Kim Mitchell was on to something.

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