Did Perfect Strangers Take Place in Chicago or Seattle?

TGIF everyone. I’m feeling a little under the weather, but thought I’d share this great video for all you Perfect Strangers Fans.  It’s a shot by shot remake of the intro except instead of using Chicago as the setting they’ve used Seattle. Kind of geeky? There’s no such thing when it comes to loving Perfect Strangers.

Have a great weekend.

  • magtastic

    i love this so much i roused out of my torpor to tell you Mr Camel
    i’m enjoying your posts btw

  • That’s 10 kinds of genius!

  • it was filmed in the darkest recesses of my heart

  • @magtastic – Thanks. I’m in a constant torpor and fighting against it everyday. Life is a persistent battle against doing nothing, but my love of doing nothing is second only to my love for writing, the problem is doing nothing is so much easier to excel in.

    @TS Hendrik – You’re 10 kinds of genius my friend. @Everyone else – < -- Check out his webpage folks. @Keirbot - Does that mean Frasier was also filmed in the darkest recesses of your heart? Also, I'm interested in seeing a Mariners game, should I contact your aorta for tickets?

  • magtastic

    Hey Mr C>>
    doing nothing is necessary so your mind can welcome ideas, accept some as interesting and put the rest on Corrupt Camel he he

  • @magtastic – Sounds like you’re cruising for a bruising or hungry for a knuckle sandwich…Hmmm…Those two things sounds like a lot of work. Maybe I’ll just do nothing instead.

  • magtastic

    Please forgive me Mr Camel
    Just such a fan! jk:(
    Don’t want to get your hump out of place especially on humpday.
    I think I’ll toast a baaagel and walk over to Taboo for a brewski.

  • If it was shot there instead of actually in Chicago it would make sense. Many places shoot thier locations in similiar venues instead of the actual city itself. I used to love Perfect Strangers, especially Bronson’s character.

    • Perfect Strangers should be remade in order to recreate hype for the original series, then ruined, so everyone will remember the original one was the best.

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