Crotch Punching Your Way to a Better Day

So when I say crotch punching I don’t mean punching someone in the nuts or in the box. That’s not cool. Ever. Clear?

Ok, so next time you’re passing through a turnstile, as your crotch punches the turnstile into motion, I want you to think of just how many groins and genitals have nudged the turnstile into rotation. Millions? Billions? That’s a lot of crotch power. There aren’t many things we jab with our crotches besides other people’s crotches, and maybe other people’s cabooses (if that’s what you’re into and if your partner will let you), so one should really appreciate it when it happens.

I dub today International Crotch Power Day, AKA ICP Day, not to be confused with Insane Clown Posse Day. Them, you can punch in the nuts.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go and lend your crotch to a good cause.

Enjoy your weekend.

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