A Sunday Post for the People that Want a Sunday Post

It’s Sunday. Today I picked up beer, drank some beer, vodka, and rum, then went skating, then drank some more beer and rum. It was A-OK. I don’t know how it is with you folks, but the older I get the more I appreciate Sunday. I like sleeping in, I like having nothing planned. I just do what I want to do. It’s nice. I’d like to make every day be like a Sunday.I think that’s called retirement.

Anyway, Jezebel wanted me to write something today and you don’t want to get her in a bad mood or the shit hits the fan. People say “shit hits the fan” but if you really think about it you can’t help at laugh at how disgusting that would be. Hope you like brown walls.

Jez, I hope this is enough.

Happy Sunday everyone. Goodnight.

*EDIT* – Clip added in response to Jezebel’s comment (below).

  • That first paragraph reminded me of a Slackers song.

    You are the shit for doing this Dave, even if it IS all last-minute and shit.

    Also: “You are the shit” makes about as much sense as “the shit hits the fan.” Never gave that much thought until now.

  • Added an embedded clip of the song you mentioned. I love The Slackers and had them in mind when I wrote the post.

    Yes, calling someone “The Shit” is something to think about. I’d like to see this shit that is so great we should name those we put on a pedestal after it. I’m sure its kernels of corn are golden.

  • …which brings me to: “a kernel of knowledge!” Wow, all these little phrases are a little gross when you start to break em down.

    So glad you knew what song I was talking about…I play it on blip.fm every Sunday for the occasion.

    Lazy days are glorious days. Thanks for the read, doll!

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