I Can Hear You Having Sex

Last night, at 4am, I woke to the sound of my neighbors bumping uglies.  Breathing, grunting, moaning. It sounded close. Almost like they were in the same room as me. I was about to start laughing when I had one of those reflective moments. If I could hear them, they could probably hear me or more specifically, my girlfriend and me. It’s the first time we’ve heard our neighbors since they moved in almost 6-months ago. Now I won’t get into specifics of my sex life, but it’s safe to say we do it more than our neighbors and, yet, we’ve never heard a laugh or snicker from their side of the wall in all this time.

So instead of laughing I thought, good for them for knocking boots at all, let alone at such a weird hour, and also, good for them for not making us feel self-conscious for doing the same thing in what should be the privacy of our own home. The least we can do is return the favor, right? So, I turned on the fan at the foot of the bed to create some white noise, let them do their thing, and fell back asleep.

Do you have any good neighbors having sex stories?

Funny idea: Name your WI-FI network – “I can hear you having sex” knowing your neighbors will see it when they search for WI-FI (I read that idea somewhere, so hat tip to whoever came up with it).

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