Cats Make People Crazy

If you’ve been paying attention to women, lesser men, and YouTube popularity trends, you may have noticed cats are popular. Not normal popular, but crazy popular and when I say that I mean cats drag the crazy out of people like boy bands drag the crazy out of teenage girls. The difference is cats have no age cap. Cat crazy can, and most likely will, last a lifetime.

Cat crazy evolves over the years. You may have started with cat calendars and cat slippers, but then your cat replaces your best friend, your child, and maybe even your boyfriend or husband. For some reason, intimate relationships with cats may lead to a lack of social skills, agoraphobia, obesity, and/or constant baby talking. Quite often, crazy cat lovers are single because their overbearing love for cats is terrifying to most men. What is it about cats that make people crazy? Or are crazy people more likely to own cats? What comes first, the craziness or the cats?

Many of these cat crazy qualities are exemplified by Angela from The Office and my elementary school teacher, Ms. Martin.

This might be you!


Most cat lovers aren’t crazy yet, they just love cats. Hey, that’s okay, I’m not talking about you. Ease up. This might be more applicable in 5 years when you have a cat on each shoulder and one resting on your head. But if you have to ask…


This is a crazy cat lover:

Anyway, here are some great cat videos for all you cat crazy weirdos and those who just like to laugh at and with cats and cat related things. Enjoy.


SNL’s Toonces the Driving Cat


Peek a boo kitten


Keyboard Cat


Space cat


Spaghetti Cat


Simon’s Cat (see the channel, this is an ongoing series)


Kittens Inspired by Kittens


Guy yells at cat (NSFW)

Did I miss any cat videos? Are you cat crazy? Do you drink milk out of a saucer?


  • RockinRuhul

    If you may ask, yes, i am cat crazy. Not that crazy but i do have a “tone” i speak to my cat with. It’s even crazier when i hear a grown man transform his voice to sound like a 7 year old girl when speaking to my cat…but that’s another story!

    I believe that some people are born with a love for animals and some are not. Depending on what spectrum you fall under, you can potentially become a “crazy psychotic cat person”. You can either display it to the public or be a crazy cat person “in the closet”, like myself! Nobody knows that i am obsessed with my cat, I don’t display my love for her by wearing cat sweaters, have cat memoriabilia all over my house, and carry a photo of her in my wallet.

    I’m sure that only cat owners will truly understand the benefit of having a cat as a pet:)

  • Nothing wrong with loving cats.

    Just beware of becoming cat crazy.You don’t want to end up looking at pictures of your cat at work and speaking Russian baby talk to it right in front of your co-workers.

  • I have noticed this!

    I’m not a big fan of cats, although I adored mine growing up. They’re so stand-offish, and ignorable, alternated with being soft and cuddly. What’s not to love?

    Nonetheless, I’m no where close to cat crazy. I think that’s because I’m in the throws of parenthood. Why on earth would I want something else to potty train and clean up after, something that will never grow up, move out, become doctor and support me in my old age?

    • I’ve actually known a few cat doctors. Have you never heard of Dr. McMeow?

  • Coming over from Anna’s No Rules Linky party.

    We HAD two cats – – – they made me crazy in the “I want to get RID of them” kind of way.

    Hair everywhere.

    Hair balls – – – WORSE.

    And little toidy accidents.

    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow – – – we GAVE them away.

    No more crazy.

    • If on a gloomy night you should hear a soft scratching at your door, do not answer it. Cats are vengeful.

  • This comment section is fun.

  • Dano120889

    has anyone else noticed that women who really really really love cats are usually horrible people to all the humans around them?

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