Tahiti Treat is Back!

Ok, so maybe that title is misleading because, technically, Tahiti (or Tahitian) Treat is not back.  I’ve been searching high and low around Toronto for a long time with no results. It cannot be found here, which is the main reason tourism is down, our sports teams are awful, and why this will never be a world class city.  So anyway, I said, “Fuck it,” and decided to find something that might resemble Tahiti Treat.

The first suggestion on a replacement was from my brother, who recommended I try Fanta Red Tangerine. Although it was no bottle of hobo urine, and actually quite delicious, it was not Tahiti Treat.  Tasted more like a creamsicle.

Recently, another friend who knew of my love for Tahiti Treat recommended Rockstar Punched (not to be mistaken with the pomegranate flavor, which tastes like strained garbage water with fizz). One sip of Punched revealed my search for a Tahiti Treat replacement was over and holy shit, it’s filled with an addictive amount of caffeine, just what I need for an all night Quantum Leap marathon. Happy drinking!

  • chris fougere

    they just received an entire skid of Tahitian Treat at ‘Soda Pop Central’ in Whitby. $1 per can or a 12-pack for $9.95

    • WHAAAAAAAAAAA!? Oh man, sounds like I need to make a short road trip. It’s only half an hour away! Thanks for the inside scoop my friend.

  • Yummmmm

    Try nos fruit punch, it’s Tahiti treat to a tee, in a bigger can

    • I like big cans! is nos available in Canada? I’ll have to check my local 7-11.

  • cheekybum

    I’ve emailed Canada Dry a few times regarding Tahiti/Tahitian Treat (as they own Tahiti Treat in Cda). They suggested asking stores to carry the product. Canada Dry said that if they had orders they have absolutely no problem bringing it back.

    I have emailed a few stores, but have not received any reply.

  • Hmmm, that’s interesting stuff. Perhaps we should start a movement or petition to get this stuff back into stores.

  • demongirl
  • Anonymous

    dont bother ordering from hometown favourites. they dont ship to canada. just go to whitby. or order from soda emporium if you aren’t in the whitby area.

  • dick_rivers

    you can get cans of tahitian treat at leslieville pumps (queen/carlaw) in toronto.. 

  • Bburke 44

    Tahitian Treat formerly Tahiti Treat is available at Scarboro Town Centre in the Sweet Tooth store.  I am enjoying a bottle of it as I type this.

  • Brianna-scott

    Sweet Tooth at Scarborought Town has it.
    I seen it but didn’t have enough money on be to buy it.

    I’m gonna go back and get some… that was one of my favorite drinks as a kid.

  • A_l_s1979

    I think I have found a drink that almost tastes like tahiti treat.  sold at all safeway stores. Safeway brand fruit punch only sold in 2L. 

  • Missisr80

    to be honest with you. i found it in the walmart in buffalo near walden galleria!!!

  • Sweir

    They Sell Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch at the connivence store in Toronto at the Corner of Bloor St. And Sterling. It’s only $1 a can too!! I’m drinking it right now as I’m writing this.


  • dee

    there is a store by my house that sells it.

  • pwebb94

    They sell it at Mr. Case in Toronto that’s where I got it from. The number for info on the can is 1-800-696-5891. I got for work 12 tins for $7.48 sort of expensive but we sell them for $1 a can so we get our money back.

  • Bogartboginty

    Sweet Tooth Emporium sells Tahitian Treat. It’s located in the Scarborough Town Centre. $1.29 per can. Have been looking everywhere for this stuff and got a tip from a buddy on facebook. They have it in stock…

  • lock jaw luc

    Dufferin and Gordon street in Toronto they have it 250 a 2L

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