No Dancing Dogs!

I saw this sign in Berlin.  I think it means no dancing dogs, but why would anyone want that?

Dancing dogs make people smile, laugh, and love. They may or may not be the driving force behind world peace.

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Your Caption Here

I’ve formulated some theories as to why someone wouldn’t like dancing dogs.

1. Perhaps the owner’s Granny was on a leisurely drive, saw a beautiful peace inspiring dancing dog, and like so many others, was in a state of awe. In this awe-induced state she allowed the car to wander into oncoming traffic and got hit, head on, by a truck. Granny was killed instantly. Thus the owner of the store claims dancing dogs killed Granny.

2. A clever thief used dancing dogs to distract the store owner while he ransacked the cash register.

3. Thinks dancing dogs cause lung cancer, heart disease, and in some cases impotence, but in fact has mixed up dancing dogs with smoking.

If you have any theories, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

Also, I’m looking for a caption for this pic and am willing to donate a beer for the best one.  Leave your brilliant ideas in the comments section found at the bottom of this article.

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