Watchmen Film Title Misleading Gay Community


MALIBU, CA – Disappointed gay movie goers are up in arms over the misleading title of the Warner Brothers’ film Watchmen.

“I came to see men in tights, but this is not what I had in mind,” said Tommy Styles, who had seen the title in the theatre’s marquee and abandoned his plans for a pedicure to attend the Zach Snyder comic book flick.

“I like to watch men, so when I saw this film’s title I felt like it was making a request to do just that,” said Corey Lopez, writer for “I thought maybe gay porn had finally made it into the mainstream, readers of my blog will hear about this,” Lopez added shaking his head. “Don’t get me wrong, the movie’s pretty good, and Brandon Routh is a dreamboat, but when you go to a movie thinking it’s porn and it’s not, it can be very frustrating.”

Early reviews that Watchmen sucks balls have only succeeded in adding to the confusion.

Counting a large stack of money from a day of sold out shows, Malibu Cineplex manager Gary Graves issued no apologies, “I will not give out any refunds on tickets. If I gave customers money back every time they didn’t like a movie, I’d be out of business. Buyer beware.”

Malibu Cineplex has since pulled the film and is playing the 1999 film, Dick.

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