A-Rod Passes Gas During Batting Practice

A-Rod Blowing Smoke ... Out of his ass
A-Rod Blowing Smoke ... Out of his ass

NEW YORK, NY – Alex Rodriquez was not available for comments after farting during batting practice on Tuesday.

Onlookers say the Yankees All-Star 3rd baseman “let one rip” after lacing a pitch into left field.

“It almost sounded like someone was trying to start an old jalopy,” said Yankee fan Tyler Putnam, “Frankly, I thought with him being a former gold glover, he could do better. I just hope this won’t affect his play at the plate this season.”

Team Captain and shortstop, Derek Jeter supported his teammate, “These kind of things happen. I just hope this will blow over and we can focus on baseball.” Yankee catcher, Jose Molina, who was catching behind A-Rod during the infraction, fanning the air with his glove, echoed Jeter’s sentiments hoping this would “blow over.”

In what has been a rough off-season for A-Rod it’s tough determine what kind of effect this incident will have on the player’s reputation and Major League Baseball.

Several unconfirmed reports claim the fart smelled like boiled cabbage, eggs, and steroids.

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